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Search Engine Optimization and Website Consulting

The 8 1/2 years that we did search engine optimization work for Fortune 500 companies would not have been possible without his leadership and expertise in building large catalogs of optimized web pages to rank in the top 10 on every major search engine. He is skilled in all areas of html, ftp, web content management and link optimization. I highly recommend him for website design, construction and optimization for improved search engine rankings.
—Brian Lundquist, CEO, 7th Wave, Inc., Publisher, Nanotechnology Now (see site statistics)


It is a professional pleasure to write in commendation of Rocky Rawstern.

I first met and worked with Rocky in his role as Editor of Nanotechnology Now. I found him to be one of those rare "lighthouse" editors who understand the deep underpinnings of their publication's subject matter and who also lead their field by the choice of content and framing of the discussion. I believe Rocky is one of the best technical communicators in the emerging technologies genre.

Subsequently, Rocky and I worked together as part of the NanoBioNexus team that designed and constructed the NanoTumorCenter website. Rocky's understanding of the intricacies of search engine optimization, website design and construction is unsurpassed in my experience.

I have an extremely high degree of confidence in Rocky's professional skills across-the-board.

—Sandra Kay Helsel, PhD; Founder and Director, SK Helsel & Associates

Nanotechnology and Nanoscale Materials

Rocky Rawstern has played a vital role in the development of Nanotechnology Now as its Editor. Relying on his broad knowledge of nanotechnology, Rocky established Nanotechnology Now as a “must read” for those of us in the nanotechnology industry. His vitality in this role has earned him a prominence as one of our nanotechnology leaders. But most important to us at nanoTITAN, Inc., Rocky’s selection of our company for interviews and publication in Nanotechnology Now was of great assistance in showcasing us to the industry. We are pleased to recommend Rocky to his bir consulting clients.
Vic Peña, Co-Founder and CEO, nanoTITAN, Inc.

I work with start-up and early stage companies in the nanotechnology field and have known and worked with Rocky Rawstern since 2001. I find Rocky to be very responsive to the needs of the people he works with and he is both effective and efficient in achieving project goals. His knowledge of the internet and nanotechnology is both extensive and intensive and I am pleased to recommend him. He is particularly effective in the areas of communication, knowledge management, and internet marketing.
Bo Varga, Managing Director, Silicon Valley Nano Ventures

I have long considered Rocky the base line for the industry and public narrative on nanotechnology. He reports on what he knows and comprehensively covers what he knows is news. Rocky has an innate ability to synthesize copy and take information from diverse sources and turn it into clear accounts. Bravo!
Patti D. Hill, CEO and Founder, BlabberMouth PR.

Rocky's knowledge of nanotechnology is simply outstanding. So too is the way he consistently applies this knowledge in order to advance nano-related research and industry. Rocky has insight, guts and an indelible style! I'm an admirer and a fan.
Bob Rosenbaum, formerly of the Israel National Nanotechnology Initiative, where he helped make great progress in branding Israel as a global nanotech contender.

During our four years of work in nanotechnology and molecular manufacturing, we have seen Rocky Rawstern as one of the outstanding leaders in his ability to communicate clearly about deep and disputed subjects. Few people have been able to create balanced and informative content in a field marked by not only scientific complexity but also political maneuvering. Rocky is one of the best.
Mike Treder and Chris Phoenix, co-founders, Center for Responsible Nanotechnology

Winner of the 2005 Foresight Prize in Communication: The Foresight Nanotech Institute Prize in Communication recognizes outstanding journalistic or other communication endeavors that lead to a better public understanding of molecular nanotechnology and its high social and environmental impact.

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I highly recommend this service.

~Rocky Rawstern
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