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Nanotechnology and Nanoscale Materials

Rocky has been a fellow pioneer in the news and journalism fields, introducing nano science and technology to the public with the clarity necessary to develop a comprehensive understanding of the integrated subject matter and the diversity involved. His total dedication and perseverance covering all aspects of the scientific knowledge along with the social implications has contributed to the phenomenal growth and public interest that exists today. The Nanotechnology Now website was developed by Rocky to be user-friendly for all ages. Cross-linking with all categories in the industry and educational fields has created a web of information that has grown from a few hard-to-find articles in the early days to an overwhelming amount of specialization websites for all areas of dissemination. It has been an honor to share our research, communication and friendship over the years as his services are based on the highest integrity levels and expertise.
Judith Light Feather, President, The NanoTechnology Group Inc.

I watched as Rocky took a grassroots nanotechnology website and turned it into the premier online resource for nanotechnology information. Type "nanotechnology" into Google. You will find in the top 5, consistently. I just typed it in, and was ranked above the Wikipedia entry for nanotechnology, and right below the National Nanotechnology Initiative. Rocky is responsible for this remarkable achievement. His deep understanding of SEO and content management makes him an invaluable asset to anyone trying to do something difficult.
Tyler Emerson, Executive Director, Singularity Institute for Artificial Intelligence

Rocky made the focal point of information on nanotechnology. He also drove the paid subscription monthly newsletter service for which I wrote a few articles. He helped me by guiding and focusing my writing which helped me achieve greater clarity. His role was critical to the success of Nanotechnology Now and to advancing the public understanding of nanotechnology. I greatly enjoyed working with Rocky.
Brian Wang, Futurist, and Senior Associate of the Foresight Nanotech Institute

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