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Rocky Rawstern, Founder bir consulting

A brief work history

After highschool graduation in 1976 I served 4 years in the USAF. During that time I had tours in the Azores, Korea, California, and of course, Texas. I worked in telecommunications, and was honorably discharged in 1980.

In the early 80's I spent several years attending college and trade school, in pursuit of a degree in computer programming. Just prior to graduation I, along with 5,000 other programmers, was hired by Electronic Data Systems to work on what has affectionately become know as the "GM Project." I spent six years at EDS, starting as a junior programmer, and ending as a supervisor of a team of many programmers.

For the years '91 to '94 I was owner, operator and partner in a consumer electronics retail store in Traverse City, Michigan.

After selling my 1/2 of the business to my partner, I returned to Southern Oregon where I reside today.

The mid-'90's found me at massage school, getting my license to practice, and then actively practicing for over 5 years, until I self-trained in HTML and started building websites and doing engine optimization (SEO).

During the last 10 years I learned and taught SEO, website design, content management, HTML, FTP, WORD, Excel, Photoshop, and supervised a team of other SEO marketers. I also lead SEO projects for Fortune 500 companies, creating and supervising the implementation of successful optimization campaigns for them.

For the years 2001 through 2006 I was the Editor of Nanotechnology Now ( During that time I helped design the site, managed the content, interviewed business leaders, professors, researchers and other professionals, wrote articles, and much more.

In late 2006 I decided to begin consulting on my own and with a team of other experts. I now work with companies and individuals to build, improve, and optimize their websites. My team and I also work with companies to help them understand and implement advanced materials programs based on our work in nanotechnologies.

Experiences pertinent to my current work

Starting in 1985 I became involved in the GM project. This project involved the consolidation of GM's myriad data centers and software platforms. My first project was at Pontiac Motors where I was a COBOL programmer working on the consolidation of and upgrades to their just-in-time parts delivery systems.

Subsequent to that I worked as a supervisor of programmers at Harrison Radiator (HR), where we consolidated and upgraded several of their software systems. In these projects I was instrumental in the up-front design and implementation aspects, as well as the customer and contractor interface and training roles.

On the HR project I was also on the team that developed the relational databases and subsequent customer interface applications. At that time I was responsible for a team of as many as 15 programmers, and worked daily with the GM customers, contractors, and management teams. These projects were worth several million dollars each to EDS, and each spanned more than a year's time.

This work experience serves to illustrate my understanding of the project cycle as well as my skills and experience in regards to project development and management, relational database building, customer and contractor interface roles, and working with management and end users to realize their IT goals.

At 7thWave, Inc. I was responsible for the creation and upgrades to the premier nanotechnology web resource, Nanotechnology Now ( Over a period of 5+ years I was instrumental in the design of the site as well as the creation of the site's products (1). I also was responsible for the search engine optimization (SEO) for the site, a project that has resulted in over 8.5 million visits in less than 7 years (2). I also supervised our webmaster on the behind-the-scenes coding for the products and scripts. Also hired, trained, and supervised over a dozen SEO analysts.

During the 8+ years I was with 7th Wave, I designed and maintained dozens of SEO sites for Fortune 500 companies such as Verizon, Charles Schwab, Novartis, Quill, and Providian. I was also responsible for the day to day content management, maintenance and upgrades to the client's sites as well as the and sites.

In addition, I wrote all the training manuals and SEO project documentation, and designed and implemented other business tools related to the daily operations of 7th Wave, Inc., such as a project management tool, a time accounting tool, a tickler tool, log analysis tools, a daily visits tool, and many others in support of the SEO projects and project management.

For approximately 6 months in 2006 I helped with the design and implementation of the NanoTumor Center website (


Training experience

Over the years I have developed several training programs and supporting documentation, starting with customer training for GM employees with Electronic Data Systems (EDS), and most recently as a Supervisor and training manager with 7thWave, Inc. During those years I became proficient in the use of many personal computer and internet software packages, including (but not limited to) WORD, PowerPoint, Excel, HTML, FTP, PhotoShop, Print Shop and web development tools. I also gained an intimate knowledge of the workings of all major search engines and the Windows environment. And I taught over 15 7thWave employees the use of those tools.

All total, I have over 14 years experience developing training materials and teaching adults.

The opportunity to help implement your training program(s) would be an exciting challenge for me.

Experience Gained

I gained extensive experience in management and supervisory positions while with the USAF, EDS, and 7th Wave, Inc.

I have supervised as many as 15 people (while at EDS), and have a track record of success with the entire project management cycle, client and contractor interface roles, creating training and customer documentation (EDS and 7th Wave), and interfacing and coordinating with clients, contractors, management teams and subordinates.

I have helped develop relational databases, and created client interface tools (EDS and 7th Wave).

With EDS, I worked both as part of a team and later as a supervisor of programmers on multi-million dollar projects that spanned over a year.

At 7th Wave, and for the site, I served as the Editor and Webmaster, and was responsible for content management. I also created and implemented the original design and subsequent upgrade work.

For my consulting site (advanced materials, nanotechnology, and clean technologies) I did the design and coding, as well as all the behind the scenes work (buying the domain name, setting up the supporting scripts, etc.). See

I am proficient in WORD, Power Point, Excel, HTML, web authoring tools, PhotoShop, FTP, Print Shop, email, instant messaging tools, and search engine optimization techniques.

I worked as part of a consulting team for the NanoTumor Center ( site project. I gained extensive experience in team- and community-building skills while expanding my advanced technologies network and gaining a better understanding of the promising field of Nanobiotechnology. See

General Skills

Teamwork - I have worked well with and lead teams of up to 15 members (directly under my supervision), and am comfortable in any position within the team.

Flexibility/adaptability - I am very comfortable changing direction, taking vague direction, moving from task to task, and multitasking.

Computer skills - I have over 25 years experience using and programming computers, from mainframes to mini's to PC's. I have participated in building the last three PC's I owned, and have installed software and hardware dozens of times in those PC's. I am college-educated in COBOL and several other mainframe programming languages, and self-taught in HTML and website design.

Organizational skills - I have organized projects of all sizes, up to and including those that required tens of thousands of man-hours.

Motivation/initiative - I am self-motivated to succeed, love a challenge, and thrive on high technology. I am willing to use my own time to learn new technologies in support of my job.

Interpersonal skills - I am able to work with all personality types, and work very well with other self-starters.

Innovative Thinker - I work well outside the box, and am responsible for most of the unique aspects at and all at and

Understanding technical and scientific terms, ideas, concepts, and being able to translate them into language that is understandable to laypersons. My ability to speak at most levels is a plus in meetings with non-technical customers, contractors, and management.

Here are a few things my peers are saying of which I am most proud:

It is a professional pleasure to write in commendation of Rocky Rawstern.

I first met and worked with Rocky in his role as Editor of Nanotechnology Now. I found him to be one of those rare "lighthouse" editors who understand the deep underpinnings of their publication's subject matter and who also lead their field by the choice of content and framing of the discussion. I believe Rocky is one of the best technical communicators in the emerging technologies genre.

Subsequently, Rocky and I worked together as part of the NanoBioNexus team that designed and constructed the NanoTumorCenter website. Rocky's understanding of the intricacies of search engine optimization, website design and construction is unsurpassed in my experience.

I have an extremely high degree of confidence in Rocky's professional skills across-the-board.

—Sandra Kay Helsel, PhD; Founder and Director, SK Helsel & Associates

I work with start-up and early stage companies in the nanotechnology field and have known and worked with Rocky Rawstern since 2001. I find Rocky to be very responsive to the needs of the people he works with and he is both effective and efficient in achieving project goals. His knowledge of the internet and nanotechnology is both extensive and intensive and I am pleased to recommend him. He is particularly effective in the areas of communication, knowledge management, and internet marketing.

Bo Varga, Managing Director, Silicon Valley Nano Ventures

I have long considered Rocky the base line for the industry and public narrative on nanotechnology. He reports on what he knows and comprehensively covers what he knows is news. Rocky has an innate ability to synthesize copy and take information from diverse sources and turn it into clear accounts. Bravo!

Patti D. Hill, CEO and Founder, BlabberMouth PR.

During our four years of work in nanotechnology and molecular manufacturing, we have seen Rocky Rawstern as one of the outstanding leaders in his ability to communicate clearly about deep and disputed subjects. Few people have been able to create balanced and informative content in a field marked by not only scientific complexity but also political maneuvering. Rocky is one of the best.

Mike Treder and Chris Phoenix, co-founders, Center for Responsible Nanotechnology

Rocky Rawstern has played a vital role in the development of Nanotechnology Now as its Editor. Relying on his broad knowledge of nanotechnology, Rocky established Nanotechnology Now as a "must read" for those of us in the nanotechnology industry. His vitality in this role has earned him a prominence as one of our nanotechnology leaders. We are pleased to recommend Rocky to his bir consulting clients.

Vic Peņa, Co-Founder and CEO, nanoTITAN, Inc.

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